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Chiropractic Article by Doctor of Chiropractic
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by Dave Koivuranta D.C.

People learn in a process called space-time repetition. The more you repeatedly and consistently hear the same or similar message over a given period of time the greater likelihood you will begin to comprehend the information the message contains. For this reason I will remind you of the five necessary, undeniably mandatory aspects to living a healthy, happy life:
One, proper nutrition and diet. Two, exercise...not just work but actual time dedicated to being active. Three, adequate amounts of rest and sleep. Four, a positive outlook on life and a good overall attitude. And five, a sound nervous system capable of regulating all the bodily functions required for life.
Most of us will claim to understand the necessity of these five items. Most of us will also claim to actively incorporate one or more of the five aspects into our daily lives. The unfortunate reality is, sometimes we're simply fooling ourselves into believing our level of understanding and action is sufficient. When it comes to exercise, this is probably very true for many of us.
In order to further touch on the exercise concept, I believe it might be advantageous for people to learn about the extra benefits of exercise that might not always come to mind when donning the running shoes or mounting the bicycle, etc. Here are some healthy tidbits on exercise you may not have known about:

Most of the “reasons” we create to not exercise do not measure up to the benefits listed above. Taking the time to do an activity that we enjoy for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day has such an effect on the body that no excuse can justify avoiding exercise. If you’re feeling stressed, if you're on the latest fad diet or if there’s something else troubling your mind or body, exercise in some shape or form will help.
One more time then, for repetition’s sake, let’s start eating better, exercising more, sleeping properly / getting enough rest, having a positive outlook on our daily situations and working on taking stress, pressure and tension off of the nervous system. A good way to start is finding a Doctor of Chiropractic who will work with you in a preventative fashion to make a lifelong investment in your lifestyle. It’s time to start getting