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by Dave Koivuranta D.C.

Ah yes, the elusive Fountain of Youth. From what I recall of history class in elementary school, when explorers to the New World first arrived from across the Atlantic there was hope that they would find a fountain containing the ability to keep one young, perhaps even reverse the aging process. Like many urban legends of late and like many fairy tales of old, it seems the Fountain of Youth has eluded us all even though its existence would seem so real.
Kind of like the alligators living in the sewers, right?

Of the many questions asked of me, one of the most popular is, “Dr.(your name), what do I need to do to stay young?” And as of late the questions are becoming more concise. “Yes, I know about exercise, diet, sleep and rest, good attitudes and lower stress, but I'm still getting old! Don't you have anything else I can do?” Even in the health care office the desire to find the Fountain of Youth can be found.

Unfortunately, although the desire may be there, the Fountain is not. If it's any consolation, however, I'll keep working on a solution. In the meantime, here is a “melting-pot” of things to try if you are willing attempt the Fountain of Youth experiment to stay younger looking:

“    First and foremost, stop worrying about it! Even the tiniest inkling of concern for aging will not only set back your looks, but it can cause stress on several systems in the body. Just do the right things to stay healthy and you will stay younger longer...there's no secrets here!

“   Drink plenty of water. 8 to 12 cups per really is the fluid of life.

“    No, these five things cannot be avoided! 1) good nutrition, a variety of foods in moderation; 2) exercise, at least 30 minutes per day of moderately hard effort; 3) proper rest, the magical 8 hours per night until at least age 55, then you might need less; 4) a positive attitude, and that means no worrying; & 5) a sound nervous system to regulate all the parts of the body. After the age of 30, all body systems begin to slow at a rate of about 1% per year...don't do anything to slow this down any faster! That means avoiding smoking; excess alcohol, fats and sweets; medications for conditions that can be treated more conservatively and naturally under supervision of a registered health care provider; etc.

“    Treating yourself to massage, vacations, reflexology and all the other good things in life.

“   Recommended supplements (under a health care provider's supervision) during the aging process include: Calcium (1000mg/day), Magnesium (750mg/day), Coenzyme Q10 (30mg 3X/day), bee pollen or blue green algae as recommended, Vitamin C (500 mg 2X/day), Vitamin E (400IU/day), B-complex as directed.;

“    Phosphatidyl Serine improves nerve cell function in the brain and is believed to help with memory loss while boosting learning and concentration.

“   Rosemary is a wrinkle "preventor" and skin "tightenor" as is Lac-Hydrin.

“    Glucosamine sulphate is showing promise for proper growth and maintenance of your support tissues and joints (500mg 3X/day).

“    Ginkgo Biloba for memory and circulation as directed.

“   Ginseng for energy and general anti-aging.

“    Brazil nuts supposedly have anti-aging properties, so hopefully you like nuts!

“    Many homeopathic remedies have been or can be created by naturopathic doctors and homeopaths to help support the various systems in the body against aging.

“    For conditions from Alzheimer's and arthritis to weight problems and yeast infections always be sure to have the best treatment possible to obtain full resolution of the illness. Start with conservative approaches first when possible before reverting to more invasive procedures which could cause other problems and in essence speed up aging.

Aging is considered a “natural” process by many. I prefer to look at it as a disease, as do many other health care providers. The reason being that if you took two people of the same age and put them side by side, would they look the same age? Not always. And would they be just as healthy? Probably not. The key is to stay proactive in your pursuits of living a healthy, happy and very long life. Once you give up the quest, then you start aging. As long as you're always in the process of staying young by doing all the right things, you'll never get old. And you have my word on that! I'm still 18 years young...and holding.