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Chiropractic Article by Doctor of Chiropractic
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by Dave Koivuranta D.C.

A few million years ago, one of our distant relatives had the idea to stand up on two legs. Even though we are designed to walk and run, our hips have been sorry ever since!

Hip joints perform a very important job. Even when a hip is at rest, especially if we sit a lot, many of the muscles are under a lot of stress. And many of them are deep in our pelvis, which makes them sometimes tough to identify and work with.

A few simple tests can tell you if you have hip problems:

A “yes” to any of these may mean a hip problem is present, even if it is not yet painful. Early treatment is important for hip problems. Generally this includes stretching and strengthening exercises, reviewing your exercise program to make sure it is appropriate for your hip condition, and gentle manipulation or adjustments if it is indicated. Sometimes just getting up out of the chair to take a walk is the best answer.

Doctors of Chiropractic are experts in diagnosing and treating hip problems. Get up, even if you have to do it slowly, and find some relief your livelihood depends on it!