Vitko Chiropractic Clinic - Yorkville
19 Yorkville Avenue West, Toronto,
Ontario M4W 1L1
Ph: 416-960-9355

About Vitko Chiropractic Clinics
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Why Vitko Chiropractic Clinic and Registered Massage Therapy?

The Vitko Chiropractic and Massage Clinic is a place of healing, health and wellness that has been serving people for over 25 years. It provides a stimulating environment to address current health concerns while working towards a healthy, happy and powerful life.

Vitko Chiropractic Clinic in Yorkville

The environment is one where form meets function. From the curved walls that resemble a spine to the wood and steel interior, the uniqueness of the clinic reflects the originality in guiding people towards optimum health. The specialized approach to correcting health problems found at the Clinic has created an unmatched flow in practice member interaction that allows for efficiency, education, empowerment and, as often as possible, entertainment.

There is no waiting room or seated receptionist area in the clinic. from the moment practice members arrive, they are engaged in a personal routine that embraces motion, for motion is life and life is motion. Over 90% of the stimulation to the brain comes from the movement and activity associated with the spine and the nervous system it houses. Every time a patient visits the clinic, this system is activated to foster improved healing in the body.

Conveniently located in Yorkville close to Yonge and Bloor in the heart of Toronto, the clinic attracts families and individuals of all ages from birth to the ageless. Each practice member brings to the clinic a unique and individual view on health that intertwines with the other practice members in a way that everyone benefits from each other. The positive, dynamic and caring environment has helped many people improve their ability to live life without limits and will continue to do so for time to come.

Vitko Chiropractic Clinic in Yorkville view from the office

We look forward to meeting you and having you add to the richness, uniqueness and success of your health pursuits and the pursuits of all the practice members. Together, we can be healthy.

Find out what Vitko Chiropractic can do for you and your health. Request an appointment today.