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Corrective and Wellness Chiropractic Services

Relaxing massage therapy at Vitko

No Charge Initial Consultations - to determine if your health concerns and goals can benefit from what we do and how we do it

Complete Evaluations - onsite posture analysis, nervous system screening (surface thermography and surface electromyography (sEMG)), orthopedic/neurological examination, x-ray and chiropractic assessment

Posture Correction Progams - 5 step process to removing old postural habits negatively affecting health and creating new posture/health habits to positively live life better and longer

Problem Containment and Maintenance - treating symptoms by addressing the cause or source of problems to ensure slowing, stopping, reversal and prevention of health problems

Customized Care Recommendations - specific self-directed activities including computer generated exercise programs, Active Life Plans (to improve health on a weekly and yearly basis), personal goal-setting and lifestyle management

Traditional Swedish Massage - to relax tense muscles, stimulate energy and circulation flow in the body, improves body's ability to function on a daily basis

Therapeutic Massage - to address soft tissue disorders, damage and overuse on a clinical level by ridding scar tissue, releasing trigger points, loosening tight bands and freeing adhered muscles, ligaments and tendons

Cranio Sacral Therapy - to improve the flow of important brain and nervous system fluids aiding in the nourishment of vital tissues; often useful for childhood maladies, stress reduction and pregnancy care

Reflexology - to stimulate the meridians and the energy flow in the body based on the sensory endings in the feet providing a relaxing and energizing affect on health

Reflexology Therapy

Custom Made Corrective Orthotics (shoe inserts and shoes/boots/sandals)

Digital dynamic gait analysis designed to determine the level of function in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back

Custom prescribed corrective orthotics to restore ideal movement and support for the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back

Shoe inserts for dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes, ice skates work boots and other specific footwear

Shoes, boots, sandals, runners and other footwear with built in orthotic correction

Healthy Family